Tuesday, January 8, 2008

California with Ganesh

Last summer, after traveling thousands of miles with two kids, a dog and Swede, I couldn't help but meditate on a little selfish thought: I need to return to California again, but this time with a girlfriend.

Not two days after arriving home did Lora call me and ask if I could go to California in the morning. She had tickets to see Esther Hicks, and her friend wouldn't be able to make it.

I didn't know anything about this Esther Hicks, but knowing Lora, it was going to be good!

Before Lora arrived, I had time to sit and meditate in the morning sun, as I so often do in my favorite outdoor spot facing the East, with Roxi at my feet. To my bewilderment, I saw Ganesh. I am a Yoga teacher, but I must admit, I get all those deities mixed up, and I'm not much into worshiping deities anyways. But, I know how my mind works, and if I was seeing a vision of Ganesh, there was a reason for it.

Lora was on my time, and she arrived about an hour late- perfect timing! One of the first things we did was stop in the middle of the desert so that Lora could offer some sprinkles of sage on an altar of Mary's. I couldn't help but think, "Gosh, that was nice. It's been a long time since I was in the presence of someone who gave thanks and offerings, something I should do more often." I knew it would be a special journey.

Our first task was to drive to Monterey Bay and see her son, Gary. An incredible host, he served us a gourmet grilled vegetarian kabob dinner when we arrived at 11pm, with Monk's Ale, made at a local monastery.

The next morning, Gary and Lora introduced me to the Pilgrim's Way Bookstore, the one I posted about in my last entry. Inside the Secret Garden, I ran across this statue of Ganesh and asked Gary what he represents. The removal of all hindrances and obstacles! I'm telling you, this is the deity you want on your road trips!

After that magical adventure, we hit the beach....

Yes, my favorite... do you know it by name?


It's impossible not to experience the bliss.

We had reservations at Tarpy's Roadhouse , a 5-star restaurant located in the historic Ryan Ranch Homestead, and also the place where Gary works. He treated us to whatever our hearts desired, and believe me, we were loved!

One of my favorite memories is sitting in the backseat, while Lora and Gary gave me my first taste of Blackalicious. Can you imagine a mom and son singing rap lyrics together at the top of their lungs?

We vibrate at higher frequencies
Welcome to our world
Fall into a space
Where there is no thoughts
Just moments captured
Here we go

It was a heartfelt goodbye, but Lora and I had an appointment to keep with Esther Hicks in San Diego the next morning at 7am!

She and I drove through the night on Highway 101 without a hiccup, as we shared our life's experiences and listened to Krishna Das. I remember when my Yoga teacher, Jim, started going through a Krishna Das phase in our class, and I was all, "Where's the Moby?" Oh, now I get it!

We parked in my favorite hotel in San Diego at about 4 am, the parking lot of the Marina on El Carmel Drive... coincidence? We cuddled up in our sleeping bags and grabbed a couple hours of shut-eye before the big day.

Running on higher vibrations, energy is abundant, and we were right on time for the main event, Esther and Abraham Hicks. Their message was perfect for me, and I was brought to tears as I heard the truth so eloquently articulated in a way I never had before.

For example, Abraham says: "You cannot judge the value of a life by its quantity. It is by the joy that you are feeling. The more joyful you are, the longer you live. Let yourself relax and breathe and be free and be joyous, and romp."

So after the reading by a group of non-physical entities called Abraham, that's exactly what we allowed ourselves to do!

We drove up the coast and made a bonfire on the edge of a cliff. With the waves crashing below and the stars shining above, we captured the moments one by one.

The next morning, on our way through Encinitas, we tripped over the Self-Realization Center, built by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1937. It was here that he lived and wrote Autobiography of a Yogi, a book I threw away years ago. I was so amazed at what I was reading, and I started to tell Swede about it. He said, "That's not a real autobiography... all of those stories are made-up." I felt so taken, because I had believed it to be true, so I threw the book in the garbage.

And then, I ended up in Yogananda's meditation garden.

Maybe it was a real autobiography...

Swede and I are moving to California on Monday, January 14th, 2008.

I had a vision of Vishnu the other night... can anyone tell me what it means?

Response 1: Mercy & Goodness


Gipsy Ing said...

So finally, the story I have been longing to hear about. What a great trip you and Lora spent together. So inspiring! I am starting to see some of the connections now... to how you started becoming interested in topics like, Seth Speaks.

I am reading a book by Paramahansa Yoganada. A collection of his talks and essays. The book is called Journey to Self-Realization. I like his words. The ring with me.

I think I remember the that time when you threw out Yogananda's autobiography book because Swede said so! I am fairly certain I was there because I remember Swede saying something about it being "fake" and such to that nature. And you were like, okay, and by the next time I saw you, the book did not exist anymore in your possession.

Ruth said...

Wow! Big post! The photos are beautiful.

I agree that joy and love are what life is about.

Ginnie said...

I listened to the video, Rachel, and found it very inspiring, as also the photos! WOW! My thoughts are with you as you move to CA in the next few days! PEACE to you and yours!

SwedeHart said...

Yes, Ingrid, do you remember me reading the autobiography on a blanket in front of 1204 S. Maple? With the leaves of the giant trees over head swishing in the sunshine wind, I started to levitate in spirit knowing that someone's life journey was this full of mystery and surprises, until Swede told me I was getting excited over something as silly as Santa Claus on the front lawn!

Yes, joy and love, and now for me I am focusing intently on mercy and goodness. I've noticed a difference already since this has been my mantra for all of 24 hours now!

I am glad you were inspired Aunt G., I never tire of hearing Abrahams words, I receive a new Abraham message via email daily and revel in it.