Sunday, December 30, 2007

Choose One (Or More)

This last year was so amazing! I had one of the most serendipitous summers ever, as I visited the coast of California not once, not twice, but three times! The first time, I planned it. The second time, Lora invited me on a whim, and I'll have more about that story on a later date. The third time, well, after hearing about the second time, Swede had to go again, and we dragged Ingrid along, too!

Carmel Beach.



We stayed with Lora's son, Gary, one of the most
gracious hosts you could ever HOPE to know.

Huh? That's not me! TRUST me, I'm a lady.

Yes, ALL the signs had been converted to read NO WAR ANY TIME.

Stopping by Pilgrim's Way Books is worth a 2000 mile road trip in itself.

Here, pilgrims find what they have been searching for...

May you find what you are looking for this year.



Gipsy Ing said...

yes, many happy memories. That weekend in Carmel was an unforgetable one... one I will treasure for a long time.

I will be back in Arizona sometime late tomorrow (New Year's day).


Ginnie said...

Happy New Year to you and Swede, Rachel! Thank you so much for staying in my life! :)

swedehart said...

Ingrid, we had such a wonderful time, didn't we? Fast and furious, but fabulous!

Auntie G- you couldn't get rid of me now that I've had this chance to get to know you so well!

Gipsy Ing said...

What is the best way to contact you two? Is the number you left on my blog a good one? Are you at Clif's now?

Jeff and I were discussing this today. I chanced into him and he has been trying to contact you.

swedehart said...

Ingrid, we will have a forwarding message on the phone once it's disconnected and we hook up our cellular. We are here until the 13th, and then it's sayonara:D

Rauf said...

OWEE You are having a fabulous time Swedehart. wonderful pictures
Happy new year to you and your friends.

swedehart said...

Yes, and many more to come!!!