Monday, October 29, 2007

Time Together this Summer

So, I need to revert back to the very beginning- my birthday (June 26). This is our living room, and yes, those are my paintings- simple, calming and natural. But, most importantly, that's my birthday present from Wyatt and Zabrina in my arms. Two beautiful skirts that their mother, Taira, picked out in Hawaii and gave to the kids to give to me:D Their Mom is 100% native Hawaiian, and Swede is 100% Swedish- so they are lovely muts, affectionately, of course.

So, after Woody, Swede's father, left us in Eureka, CA, we journeyed about 15 miles south to a beautiful National Redwood Campground. Here's a picture of a Redwood now... "Hello, snail:D" We sort of had to watch where we walked- they were everywhere!

Here I am cooking as the kids do their thing.

So, I am trying to teach Wyatt the importance of pitching in and doing his part. Zabrina has got that down- always offering to help. In Eureka, we stopped at a Dutch Boys to grab some coffee and I noticed about 200 blackberry bushes in the parking lot- so I gave Wyatt a chance to earn his keep.

And when there's nothing else to do, you may as well learn to tie knots so complicated your hair turns gray. But the kids are good sports.

How could you resist taking lessons from that face?

We cruised down Highway 1 until we reached the Pismo Beach campground. I could have spent several days here, but we had to fight tooth and nail just to get two nights! We didn't have reservations.

Swede knows how to enjoy himself! We all had hammocks. In fact, Wyatt accidentally did a 180 in his. I think he was going for a 360 and missed the mark.

But the best part about this campground is that the Ocean is just a 5 minute walk through the sand!

Roxi and I are just hinging out together, when here comes Wyatt...

I remember doing this up at the cottage. Jump in the water and cover myself in sand!

You should have seen his Seaweed Monster routine. I created a make-shift seaweed whip to make sure my Monster behaved himself. No one even noticed how ridiculous we looked... a grown lady chasing a Seaweed Monster around the beach cracking a seaweed whip. Oh well, we tried.

The minute Swede hit the beach, he was building. I never realized how much creative energy he has built up inside of him. I hope we can put his skills to use some day.

We never saw our shovel again after this day, bless her heart. She dug many latrines for us.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Guerneville, CA

So, where was I? Over the Salt Plains and through the Fires, to Highway 1 we go...

Salt Lake City via Hwy 80 to San Francisco, with an overnight stay planned at a cheap hotel so that we can wake up in the morning, fresh and ready to explore the coast! We stumbled upon a Motel 6 off the beaten path North of San Rafael. You see, in your mind, you are thinking, it's midnight, I'll just cruise a little ways North of San Francisco and catch a cheap hotel for the night. But then you stop in San Rafael expecting to find something, and find out there aren't any cheap motels there. So, you just keep driving on the pitch black back roads in hopes that something will pop up somewhere. You use your sixth sense and decide to take a right at a lit up intersection. You cross under the overpass, and decide, what the hell, I've been driving through the dark this long, I might as well take a left since there seem to be some businesses that way. Before you know it, you are at the Motel 6. I'm not kidding- it's my second time staying at this exact Motel 6, and both times I found it were just as random.

We settled into our beds, someone slept on the floor, and it didn't take long before Woody, Swede's Dad, was sawing logs.

Yippee! The morning air is cool and foggy! Breakfast at IHOP and off to the coast we go.

Wow, the view gets me every time! We start off enjoying the rolling hills with sheep and happy cows grazing, and end up at Bodega Bay. The kids are dying to get in the water, so we find a little beach park and play for a couple of hours. Roxi (our doggi) drinks sea water for the first time. Hmmm, I wonder what the repercussions will be for her? Oh well, it's an experience she'll never forget.

Woody is excited to get back on the road so that we can make our way up to see the Redwoods! So, auf getz! We stop at a cute little gas station on the side of the Coastal Highway. Uh oh... Rose (Woody's car) won't start. So, we are stranded in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We also have our car, too, but we can't just leave Rose there! We find out the nearest auto repair shop is in Guerneville (pronounced: Gernville). The tow truck is in route and we are in luck, there is a cafe overlooking the ocean. After spending months, years in the desert I cannot begin to explain how sensational it is to feel and smell the misty breeze. Sure enough, Roxi is feeling the ill effects of that salt water she drank earlier.

We load into our car and follow the tow truck to Guerneville. Might I add, this truck driver doesn't dilly dally on the winding road through the Redwoods. The car is dropped at the service station and we search the area for a hotel- the station is closed until morning.

I don't know if dynamic is the word I'd use to describe this place, but it was definitely peaceful and restful. This town was full of rainbows, and our service repair shop was Irish Green as could be- I never did figure out what the Irish had to do with this place, but it is evident that the rainbows umbrella a peaceful retreat for gay couples. Not much to do in this town except sit back and watch the scenery at the local coffee shop.

See those three empty seats there... go ahead, make yourself at home. The car won't be ready for a few more hours. Rose had the most incredible auto-repair experience. This car shop was something out of the past. Sorry no picture, but imagine Aristotle's shop in "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" times 100! The best things in life are never photographed. If you ever have a chance to plan your car's break-down, do it in Guerneville, or if you're just passing through, stop by for an oil change:D

We received a tip that we should stop where the Russian River meets the ocean to spot wildlife. Here it is, and if you look closely, those little dots are seals and pelicans.

The car repair set us back quite a bit, so unfortunately, Woody's trip to the Redwoods really culminated in this little visit to Guerneville. Woody, Swede and Wyatt took a little day-trip to the woods in our car while Rose was in the shop- but wouldn't you know it- he didn't take any pictures! I guess that gives him an excuse to take another trip when he has more time.

Our journey together ended in Eureka, CA. We shared a visit to the lighthouse and one last meal together at a cute little Italian restaurant.

And off Woody drove on his own, first North, then South-east to Salt Lake City. It was such a wonderful visit- too short- but, I am so happy to have been with you to see your first Redwoods! Thanks for all the memories:D

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Theory of the Red Nebula

My life is mysterious and mystical. One day I am posting about a nebula-like space ship that has come to probe me in my dreams, and the next I am drawn to a flier for the theatrical production of the Theory of the Red Nebula. It speaks to me- someone is trying to expand upon the typical theater production and create something new and different. They are looking for someone who has something special to share.

Hmmm... I'll have to jot that number down and see what this is all about! Swede writes and has directed at least one of his plays, and we have been doing multimedia productions in an effort to move in the direction of incorporating it all into one multi-sensory dynamic theatrical production. Is this person doing the same thing?

Gabrielle Rulnick is the director's name. This is her final project as an ASU student. She is a vibrant visionary with a knack for articulating the intent behind this consciousness-raising production. I am sucked in by her, and she by me! I had her at "I teach yoga." She sets up a schedule and asks me to lead several workshops in my area of expertise, specifically:

"What I would love is for you to consider how you might wish to approach the "ensemble building" portion of the rehearsal process. This is the process through which the cast becomes one organic and kinetic entity. For me this is often the most special part of being involved in a production. That said, I may find myself as a participant - rather than observer. I know this is what I need to continue to raise the frequency and tap into the energy that is creating this work. I feel at times that I am merely a vessel. In this way (which let me tell you is NOT a typical theatre approach) I know you are here for an important reason."

That was a pretty tall order, so I got right down to work, designing a workshop that incorporated theater games I learned from Brandon of 4-H last year when he was a visiting teacher in my Drama class at New Samaritan High, guided meditation, yoga, a sharing circle, partner yoga and a beautiful savasana. It was as if all of my crazy, seemingly disconnected activities I had pursued in the previous year had somehow miraculously come together for this specific purpose! As Gabrielle said, "Interestingly enough, things are taking shape rather naturally."

Words cannot express what an incredible experience that first workshop was for all of us. Yummy!

Just a few workshops in, Gabrielle asked if I would lead the cast in yoga at the "top of the show." Of course! Then, we'll all go into savasana, holding hands in a circle on stage... when we come out of it, we'll be in the show.

Tonight is opening night!

Prism Theater
Oct. 11, 12, 13 *** 7:00 pm ***
NE Corner University/Broadway
ASU building in the back of
Hollywood Video parking lot

A staged reading of a new work infused with live music, media, and the intention of consciousness raising.

Free admission with donation of clothing, food, toys, arts supplies, etc. to benefit Tumbleweeds and 1n10 youth outreach programs.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

To heal, or not to heal?

Two nights ago, I had a vision in my dream, very similar to this one. On Google Images, I looked up nebula and galaxy to try to find a picture remotely close to what I had seen in my dream. But, nothing turned up. Then today, when searching for an image to represent healing, here it was!

In my dream, this object (far more complex than this simple version) was a space ship that I presumed had come to probe me. But now that I have found this image, I wonder if this image holds a completely different message. This is called a Pranic Healing Angel. There is a CBS video you can watch about the spontaneous healing powers of Prana, which basically translates to life force.

This is the perfect segue for my response to the beautifully provocative discussion that sprang from the Stand Up post:

Poverty cannot be healed by sending shipments of cargo. This is the same error of Western medicine, to treat the symptoms, NOT the CAUSE. But, as we reveal the causes of poverty, we find that there is a cause of that cause, and a cause of that, and a cause of that... It is an endless unfolding, a process that when embarked upon leads to the source, the truth of our existence, that the power of creation lies within us, and that everything we experience is our creation.

We are co-creators. We are engaged in this process of creating together! We create with our thoughts, intentions and actions. Some may create via legislation, voting, running for office, working, volunteering, striking, fighting or warfare. But, one of the most powerful ways that we can create, is to STOP CREATING. One may simply stop cooperating with those who are creating what is undesirable.

It's as simple as that... really! The trick is to get many many people to stop cooperating, and this is where my work comes in. First it starts with me, and then, slowly, one by one, others join me in this process. Soon, just as population grows exponentially, so does non-cooperation, which I prefer to think of as expansion and healing. Pretty soon, corporations lose profits exponentially. Sorry for those who lose jobs and lives (that's the problem with creating nonsustainability), but the good news is, all get to start from scratch and create what truly serves them and the rest of the world (dead or alive). Tabula rasa!

Swede would ask: "Is the fish aware of the ocean?"

People are a part of the world, and because of that, they are not aware that they have created it, nor are they aware that they can stop creating it!

I have been a non-cooperative individual for years, and now I have many many non-cooperative friends. We are usually artists. Many of us have tried to cooperate, but failed, left with scars, and in my case am hugely indebted with school loans.

I do not let this type of pressure affect me. I continue steadily on my course, blazing my trail, inspired with the knowing that I set an example for others to follow.

Because I have survived the nightmares of going to hell for my non-cooperation with religion, and because I have diligently practiced communing with my source, I have experienced healing on a personal level. And now, as a teacher, I provide a space where others may practice healing. It has been the greatest joy of my life to watch my clients illuminate. As people share with me the exciting experience of co-creating what truly serves us, this space will grow exponentially.

On a tangent, there are a gazillion methods or tools people can use to heal, but I prefer instantaneous healing because it gets right to the source and is currently practiced all over the world unbeknownst to most.

War is a great hindrance to healing. There are no forceful measures that we can use to stop war. But, I do know that darkness cannot exist in the light. The little people in the world who are cultivating the light, the prana, the divine within, are the ones who are doing the real work in this world.

Here are some things about me that you may not know:

I do not own a TV.
I do not have a job.
I do not eat animals.
I ride a bike.
My occupation is green.
I create experiences.

I create as little impact on the Earth as possible, while creating the biggest impact on people as possible.

I have very little and am grateful to continue to desire less and less.

I am one of the lightest persons I know.

If I get any lighter, I may just float away...

[of course, clicking this last image will take you to a website that was a real treat]